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About BQA

Introduction BQA

BQA specializes in providing in one or more of the following areas to assist small and medium company, established in September 2004. Total staff force of approximately 20 personnel with head office in HCM City and Singapore

With a young, dynamic, professional staff and the accounting experts are chief accountants in foreign companies in Vietnam being willing to share the experience in management, accounting, taxation, investment. Our operation principal is independence, cofidentiality, as well as protecting client’s benefit. With guidelines of the work “BASIC - QUALITY - ADVANCE” BQA always improves ourselves to bring customers the best services with the lowest cost.


We fear no hard work and to be as strong as a Lion and industrious as a Bee.


To provide world class quality service for Public Accountancy Services.

Core Values



We keep our clients’ information strictly confidential. 

Professional behavior

We are law abding and refrain from any conduct or activity that might bring discredit to the profession.

Professional competence and due care

We strive to be aware of and understand current technical and business developments.


We strive to maintain an attitude of impartiality and not to allow biases to influence the objectivity in making professional judgment.


We are sincere, honest and straightforward in our professional and business relationships.